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    Titan of Texas is the leading supplier of hydraulic torque wrenches, pneumatic and electric torque wrenches, hydraulic tensioning and other high end bolting solutions.

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We are the leading supplier

Titan of Texas is the leading supplier of hydraulic torque wrenches, pneumatic and electric torque wrenches, hydraulic tensioning and other high end bolting solutions.

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Titan Air Tites and E Tites offer a fast, compact, accurate, and flexible alternative to hydraulic torque wrenches.

Air Tites are available in torque ranges from 55-7200 ft lbs. (75-7700NM), and are also available in a dual speed version which offers a quicker run down mode. The Air Tite offers high durability which is backed by a warranty, as well as quiet operating volume ranging from 66-78Db. The Air Tite motor requires 30 cfm to operate, and has accuracy of 5% from 20psi-100psi. The Titan E Tite is available in a standard, and a programmable allowing the customization of torque settings.

The E Tite is powered by a 115-230V system for convenience which operates nearly silently, and is also IP 54 protected guaranteeing resistance in field conditions.

E Tite settings in either the standard or programmable version have a repeatable accuracy within 5% every time. Setting the tool for torque is as easy as pushing a button. The Titan Air Tite, and E Tite come with a standard reaction arm, and an FRL is provided with the Air Tite. Accessories such as custom reaction arms, square drive adapters, and spline fixtures are available.

Air and E Tites are available in Plate Heat Exchanger tool form, providing torque from 412-3600Ft lb(560-4840Nm) on varying models.

Standard, and custom hex sizes available for PHE tools in either radial or tangentially geared models. PHE tools can be operated by either a trigger, or remote, and are available in electric or pneumatic versions, which could be compact or standard. Whatever the job is, there will be an Air Tite, E Tite, or Plate Heat Exchanger tool for the job in any conditions.

The Titan LP Superthin is the low tool to use when space is limited.

The Titan Superthin is available in hex sizes from 1-1/16"-3-1/8" (27-80MM), and torque from 390-3,900 ft lbs (560-5600NM).


the superthin is the smallest tool on the market, while still delivering the same torque a standard lp would deliver

The Superthin is nearly half the size of a standard LP link, without compromising strength, repeatability, or durability.

The LP Superthin is used with a standard LP4 cylinder, no modification required.

The LP Superthins exceptional performance is backed by a comprehensive warranty, making this the ultimate low clearance tool to get the job done.


The Titan LP series is the perfect tool when clearance is an issue.

LP tools are available in torque ranges from 268 ft. lbs. to 38,000 ft. lbs. (270-49,000 NM). A range of hex sizes are available from (19-165mm). Unlike some low clearance tools, our LP cylinder and link are continuously ratchet able, once set on the application.

This means there is no time wasted removing and resetting the tool.

The LP series cylinder has a strong, single cylinder design, which is not connected mechanically to the link, other than the mating pin. This means the tool can be removed even if there is failure. If clearance is an issue our LP tools cannot overcome, the LP Superthin is your answer.

This tool is the thinnest low clearance tool on the market, without compromising accuracy, dependability, or strength.

The Titan LP Superthin is used with a standard LP4 cylinder no modification is necessary. The Titan LP series hex link can be cut to customers needs for special applications. There are also a wide variety of accessories, which can be utilized with the LP series for a wide range of uses. All of the Titan LP series tools come with a multi-axis swivel, and are made 100% in the USA. There is no other tool to be compared to our LP/LP Superthin series.

Titan of Texas hydraulic pumps provide power for not only one hydraulic torque wrench, but up to four simultaneously.

Using one hydraulic torque wrench cuts down time from traditional slugging wrenches, as well as providing accuracy and safety for the operator. Titan of Texas pumps can be outfitted with a four tool manifold, which allows the operator to control four tools with a single remote.


While using four tools, hydraulic flow is distributed evenly to all of the tools, which results in even torque in all four locations allowing a smooth even crush and torque around your application.

Operating four tools can increase productivity while bolting flanges which require an even crush. Leaks occur when a gasket is not crushed or torqued evenly, insufficient or excessive torque can cause misalignment or poor clamping force. Certain applications which are torqued using a star pattern will require less passes due to even torquing at opposing ends.

The hydraulic pumps will operate and handle four tools identically to using one.

The operator will still use only one remote to advance, retract, and turn off the tools. Titan of Texas hydraulic pumps will allow one operator with one pump to do the work of four operators with similar pumps and tools.

Larger striking areas on our wrenches helps prevent a mis strike which could lead to serious injury.

Every wrench is clearly engraved showing size and model number to avoid confusion with fitment. Slugging wrenches are available in Metric or standard up to 9-1/4" (230mm) in a straight design, offset, open jaw, or box bi-hex.


Titan of Texas impact sockets are specifically designed for use with electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic torque wrenches.

Titan of Texas impact sockets have single hex broaching providing a solid grip on nuts and bolts to avoid socket slip during high speed tightening operations. Impact sockets are available in either male or female hex, standard or deep well lengths, 6 or 12 point hex, thin wall, and other custom designs to guarantee proper fitment on your application. Our sockets are made of Chrome Vanadium Steel conforming to IS 3749 1978/AISI 6150, and are finished Black using a Patented rust resistant Manganese Phosphating process for ultimate durability. Titan of Texas sockets are available in square drive sizes from 1/2" to 2-1/2". A range of hex sizes available are from 1/4"-9-1/8" (6mm-235mm).

All slugging wrenches are forged, and their wall and thickness is optimized for heavy impact.

Titan of Texas slug wrenches are made from Chrome Vanadium Steel T50Cr4V2 conforming to IS 3749 1978/AISI- 6150, and are machined to closed ISO tolerances. All wrenches undergo electroplating followed by black oxidizing to prevent rust.

The Titan T Series hydraulic torque wrench is a square tool built to last.

T series tools are built with a lightweight, high strength aircraft aluminum, for maximum efficiency. The T series housing is given a hard coating to resist corrosion, as well as a fully sealed shroud to eliminate interior contamination, which minimizes wear and tear. The Titan T series offers torque ranges from 197-25,000 ft. lbs. (267-33,560 NM) with a range of square drives from 3/4"- 2.


The T series tool has a quick-change square drive to switch between loosen and tighten on the fly.

Titan T tools offer a compact, yet flexible package for square drive usage, with a multi axis swivel, as well as a 360-degree adjustable reaction arm.

With splined heavy duty square drives,
multi angle compatibilities, emergency
release levers for reaction pawl, and the
highest quality material used in a torque wrench, the T series is a clear, solid choice.

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